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Pandemic Moon

I had just laid my head on the pillow when the light hit my eyes and I saw the moon through the window. It was already late and I considered the wisdom of giving up more sleep, but it was a given that I was going to get up and get my camera.

Along with everything else, my relationship to the moon had changed significantly since the beginning of March. The combination of a stay at home order, working nights and being without a car put me into new territory. So when the moon showed up in my window, I was touched. It felt like she was checking on me... offering her support as I worked out my new role.

I took pictures through the window from inside the house. I was frustrated when my camera opted to focus on the screen rather than the moon and fought to regain control of the focus. Having done this for a little while, I am now able to recognize the feeling of trying to win the narrative as an indicator I am neglecting my duty as receiver. I still have work to do however, as it took me until the next day to be able to return to the question...What is being offered?

When I did what I saw was a sympathetic moon, masking itself to offer comfort and an invitation to let go of the next layer of rules on how things should be and open to other possibilities. Not a new lesson from the moon, but I appreciate the updated delivery in response to the times.


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