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Rendezvous With The Moon

While the moon has made noteworthy appearances throughout my life, it wasn't until I had been living in the DC metro area for six years that I began to regularly seek it out. Driven by a longing for the sky, I decided to devote energy toward an activity that required finding spots away from buildings and trees... so began my rendezvous with the moon. The pursuit led me to the top of parking garages, scoping out power line easements, peering out windows at the end of hotel hallways, paying tolls to cross the Bay Bridge (only to immediately turn around once I reached the other side) and finding my way to the beach whenever possible. Each month I managed to get myself in position felt like emerging from the depths for a breath of fresh air.

The above image was taken with a flip phone from the top of the Washington Monument (The Mall leading to the Capitol Building is on the right)... 12/01/09.


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