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Half Moon

Looking at the half moon, it occurred to me, while there can be moments when something is either black or white, full or empty, it does not exclude other versions in the future. The moon waxes and wanes... roaming the sky... dancing with the earth and sun to create a different version of herself everyday. And like the moon I am constantly moving and changing my perspective and what I present to the world. I don't have to choose. All that is required is a willingness to be present and the courage to be the version that reflects where I am today. It's a matter of learning to navigate the entire spectrum of possibility.

This is an important realization for me as I find my voice in these writings. To give myself the permission to offer what is available and not feel obligated to provide a comprehensive narrative. I can be selective... just like the moon. I know she is whole... she doesn't have to prove it everyday.


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