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Broadway Moon

Drawn to the unusual shape on top of a chimney, I set up in an empty parking lot on S Broadway for the tail end of twilight. I took quite a few stills before deciding on shooting a video. My experience with video is mostly the product of my accidentally hitting the record button, but I had intentionally filmed some clouds two days earlier. So the idea was ripe, even if the technique was still a little green.

When I hit upon the idea of the moon emerging from the contraption, I set about lining it up. I found the ideal spot was less than an inch in diameter. The distance between the earth and the moon is roughly 240,000 miles and to have it come down to an inch is extraordinary... mind boggling really.

It was a windy evening so there is a little wiggle throughout, but the big wiggle is me starting to think I had a better idea. Just as I touched the camera I caught myself and left it alone. That wiggle is me learning... which is also extraordinary.


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