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An Inclination

... to move away from the linear language of points on a line, places on a map and adopt the limitless potential of the sky. To be fluid, responsive to the environment, expressive, unbiased, and playful.

The invitation had always been on the table, but it had gotten buried under brochures and fliers promoting quick fixes and advice on how to avoid being myself. Once I removed those, I began to see what lay underneath. What remained were the records of my life; spreadsheets keeping track of debts (financial and emotional), notes I made to help myself (but never read) and lots of images of me at my worst with detailed descriptions of all my misdeeds... like trading cards of less flattering versions of myself. I stepped back and took it all in. I saw the layers of dated material I was treating as current events and the detrimental impact it was having on my prospects for a fulfilling future. I decided it was time to purge. Not an unusual practice for me, but this time I wasn't getting rid of stuff, I was getting rid of my concept of who I thought I was. I would keep the wisdom I had gained, but let go of the stories and their accompanying baggage. I would offload ballast until there was air between my feet and the road.


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